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What we do

We are experts at understanding your company or organization’s needs and translating them to the computer language that best suits them. We conceptualize, design and develop business apps for web or mobile, in the cloud, on Java and .Net. We also specialize in System Integration.

We rely on innovation so we have our own lab: CentauroLabs. There, our team works to build solutions and groundbreaking software products.

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Centauro Solutions - Apps development


We develop native apps for Android and IOS. We also develop hybrid (multi-platform) apps that work on both platforms.

Centauro Solutions - Software development

Software development

We have transformed hundreds of ideas such as yours in 100% custom software development. We are experts at understanding your company or organization's needs and translating them to the computer language that best suits that need.

Centauro Solutions - System integrations

Systems integrations

We connect all platforms and systems to achieve better visualization of all your information and to improve decision-making for your business by reducing costs, optimizing resources during all stages, and increasing efficiency for all processes.

Centauro Solutions - Outsourcing


If you need qualified software developers in your team, Centauro can provide them for you. Centauro offers the possibilty to have high standard developers that will become part of your team and will suport your projects.

Centauro Solutions - Salesforce


  • - Experience with lead processes.
  • - CRM.
  • - Custom applications for different industries:
    1. - Bank (Billing and card colocation).
    2. - Car dealerships (service and highway customer support).
    3. - Promotions and contests (connecting billing with contest).

How we do it?


We will have the opportunity to work together and materialize the project that best suits your company, business or organization’s need. It could be an APP in the cloud, and APP for your customers, and internal tool for your management or an improvement of a system you already have.


Centauro applications or software, which we already developed and we can easily adapt to your project.

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If you still don’t know how to give form to your idea, or in the market there’s nothing similar for what you are looking for, we will always be happy to start a new adventure through innovation. Solving your need is our greatest challenge. Flexibility is one of our work basic principles, we vanish obstacles instead of creating them.

Quality and Security


The quality control process begins from day one of the project and is present in all stages of the process.

Centauro Solutions - AUTOMATED UNIT TESTS

Every software component has been tested to verify its proper execution. Such tests are coded within the source code of the project and as we progress in the construction of the same we ensure that no test fails.


During the development process we work with short cycles or iterations of two or three weeks, at the end of every iteration we certify the correct functioning of the system.


This control aims at having a testing environment, separate from the development team, where the QA team and app users can “play” with a test version.

Centauro Solutions - CLIENT INTEGRATION

We understand that the user owns the tool, so we focus on empowering the client with their input and certifications for each development cycle or project iteration.

Centauro Solutions - TECHNOLOGY
  • Version Control
  • - Subversion
  • - Team Foundation
  • Continuos integrations
  • - Jenkins
  • - Project Management
  • - JiraMicrosoft Project
  • Testing
  • - Selenium
  • - JMeater
  • - Sonar

Our skills

Centauro Solution - desktop icon

Front End Development

Libraries or Frameworks: HTML, JavaScript, Angular JS, React JS, JQuery, Bootstrap, Materialized, ASP MVC, Kendo UI.

Centauro Solution - code icon

Back End Development

Languages or frameworks: Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, .Net C#, Spring, Junit, Apex (

DBMS: MySql, DB2, MS, SQL, Server, DynamoDB, MongoDB.

Application Servers: WebSphere, Microsoft IIS, Apache Tomcat.

Centauro Solution - mobile icon

Mobile Development

Libraries or Frameworks: Android, IOS (Objective-c, Swift), Apache Cordova, PhoneGap, Mobile First, Ionic.

Centauro Solution - cloud upload icon

Cloud and Platforms

  • Amazon AWS
  • Pivotal Web Services

Centauro Solution - check square icon


  • Selenium
  • Jmeter
  • Unit Testing
  • Sonar


Centauro Solutions - Hotel Link Solutions HLS logo

Hotel Link Solutions

Hotel Management

Centauro Solutions - Condofacil logo


Condominium Management

Centauro Solutions - Factura Zen logo

Factura Zen

Electronic billing


Centauro Solutions - Graderia popular app

Gradería Popular

Football soccer pools and fantasy league app

Sports Entertainment

This is a Centauro Solutions’ product, provides an entertainment channel so TV or Radio programs and brands can have interaction with their followers through the app.

It was firstly released as an independent product during Brazil 2014 Football Soccer World Championship and later an official product for the Costa Rican Soccer tournament.

This application now as a white label will be released during 2018 as part of the media products for a TV program on national television in Costa Rica.

Hybrid application developed using Apache Cordova, IBM Mobile First, Kendo UI and Angular.

Phone Features used: gallery, gps, push notifications.

API’s used: Backend (business logic) REST API (built on Java Spring), Facebook and Twitter API.

Centauro Solutions - Quick Shop app


Loyalty program app


This a Centauro Solutions product using proximity technology (Beacons), the main goal of the product is to increase interactions between customers and stores providing a unique loyalty card for them, rewarding each time a customer comes into a store.

Native App developed for IOS and Android

Phone Features used: camera, GPS, Bluetooth, gallery, QR Barcode scanner, push notifications.

API’s used: Backend (business logic) REST API (built on Java Spring), Beacons API.

Centauro Solutions - Condo facil app


Condominium administration app


Living in a condo can be difficult, specially the communication with the administrators.

CondoFácil is a Centauro Solutions’ product that provides users and administrators a centralized channel to address any administrative situation such as common spaces reservations, invites list, receipts, complaints, etc.

Hybrid application developed using Apache Cordova, IBM Mobile First, Kendo UI and Angular.

Front End Web: Materialize y Angular.*

Phone Features used: phone storage.

API’s used: Backend (business logic) REST (built on Python).

*This product has a Web Channel for Administrators and Security Officers.

Centauro Solutions - Ubicame app


Geolocation app for Security officers and its supervisors


This app pings (randomly in 30 minutes cycles) any security officer (in their current shift) so they have to reply pushing a button, which send its location, so supervisors can verify if the officers are in the correct location. Supervisors app displays any security officer available, its location and a tracking history.

Native App developed for Android

Front End Web: Angular.*

Phone Features used: GPS.

API’s used: Backend (business logic) REST API (built on Java Spring).

*This product has a Web Channel for Administrators and Supervisors.

Centauro Solutions - SDC app


Online dating mobile application

Social Media

Giving a mobile channel for a 3 million members network, this app provides a user experience combining the best features from social application such as video and audio sharing, chats, inbox, pictures and messages wall, members radar, dating search and places search (clubs, parties, etc.).

Native App developed for IOS and Android

Phone Features used: camera, GPS, video, audio, gallery, file system, push notifications.

API’s used: Google API (places, maps, analytics) y Backend REST API (built on PHP).

Centauro Solutions - Aeropost app movil


E-commerce mobile application

E-commerce is one of the largest cross-border logistics and e-commerce companies in Latin America and the Caribbean, present in more than 40 countries.

Native App developed for IOS and Android

Phone Features used: GPS, gallery, file system, touch Id (IOS), fingerprint (Android), push notifications.

API’s used: Backend (business logic) REST API (built on .Net).


We are software developers; we care about the quality, flexibility and customer satisfaction before everything else. We promote a work environment with a horizontal vision, based on team building, so our employees can develop, have good experiences, and increase their knowledge in a pleasant and happy work environment.


Be recognized as the best software development option that simplifies our customer’s life. We strive to become a better team and better persons, applying good practices and standards that guarantee quality, confidence and innovation in our work so that we can dream big together.

Social Responsibility

Centauro Solutions reiterates its commitment to society by providing collaboration in non-profit projects.

RutaUno is a free app that was part of the measures that the government adopted to reduce negative impact on traffic during the construction of the new bridge in General Cañas highway during 2017. This app worked on any smartphone, under IOS or Android system. It gave highway’s status, train schedules from and to San José and Alajuela, bus services schedules; and information about the temporary parking lots that were abilitated. Centauro Solutions worked with LATAM Tech Innovations to develop this app and collaborated with the country in such a critical moment. Este App funcionaba desde cualquier teléfono inteligente con sistema Android o iOS. La aplicación brindaba noticias del estado de la carretera, horarios de trenes desde y hacia San José y Alajuela, horarios del servicio de buses desde y hacia San José y Alajuela; así como información y ubicación de los parqueos temporales habilitados. Centauro Solutions junto con LATAM Tech Innovations, aportó sus recursos y conocimientos para desarrollar esta aplicación y colaborar con el país en un momento tan crítico.
As part of our firm commitment with our country and our social responsibility, we donated our work to the government’s program “Estado de la Nación”. We developed the site: This site offered information about candidates and parties to the costa rican citizenship and was released during the 2018 election campaign.
Since January 2017, Centauro became sponsor of two kids in Upala. We believe that future’s transformation can happen through children’s education, that’s the main reason why we collaborate with World Vision. World Vision helps children under social risk with an educational perspective, promoting children’s learning, healthy growth and development.


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Ruedas de negocios, un tipo de reunión diferente

¿Que son las ruedas de negocio? Son espacios de promoción comercial donde se busca lograr el contacto directo con empresarios de diferentes ciudades y países que tienen interés en productos o servicios. Este espacio busca no sólo generar oportunidades para los proveedores de productos y servicios, sino también (por el bien del éxito de la actividad) lograr que los compradores satisfagan sus necesidades comerciales y de paso (no menos importante)...

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Centauro fue una de las empresas de tecnología que participó en el BTM

Esta semana Centauro formó parte del Buyers Trade Mission (BTM), la rueda de negocios más grande de Costa Rica.

  • Sep 12, 2017

Centauro ofrece solución de software a hoteles del país

¿Está su hotel realmente en línea? ¿Quiere saber lo que está haciendo bien, y lo que es más importante, dónde necesita concentrar sus esfuerzos para optimizar las ventas en línea y las reservas? Con esta solución de sofware, le ofrecemos un 'Health Check'. Es un análisis gratuito del ciclo completo de compra de alojamiento en línea desde el descubrimiento, la planificación y la reserva. Centauro, empresa de desarrollo de software costarricense, ofrece, gracias a la alianza con la empresa internacional Hotel Link Solutions, solución de software diseñada específicamente para hoteles pequeños y hoteles boutiques; hoteles que no pertenecen a las grandes cadenas y que en muchos casos tienen poco acceso a la tecnología. Pero al mismo tiempo, están urgidos de tener una administración más eficiente, sin que ello implique una mayor inversión económica.




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