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Dig into our history and culture

In 2009, Eduardo Saborío did the most "millennial" thing ever: he quit his cushy software job and ventured into the untamed world of entrepreneurship, founding Centauro Solutions. This was more than just a leap of faith—it was planting a seed in fertile soil, and boy, did it grow! 

Starting in a tiny, sun-baked office, Centauro's journey has been a wild ride! 

The early days of Centauro were challenging, with Eduardo initially working alone. However, as time went on, the company began to grow until one day, finally, the eight-member team moved to a more comfortable space complete with an essential luxury—air conditioning! 

Eduardo often says, "Nothing is as they teach you in books or university," reflecting on the unglamorous and unpredictable details of the tech world. 

"We must have done a few things right to get where we are today, and I think one of the most important ones has been knowing how to choose the ideal people for this project." 

People like Jimmy Gamboa, Centauro's second employee, who expanded Eduardo's vision by providing job opportunities to professionals outside the metropolitan area, starting in his own living room in San Carlos. 

Centauro isn't just about coding; 

It's about creating a thriving ecosystem where tech professionals can take root and grow. Even during the pandemic, Centauro maintained its strong sense of unity, ensuring no one was left behind. Our horizontal vision fosters a collaborative, happy workplace where every team member is valued. 

Today, the company has over 100 dedicated professionals who tackle tech industry challenges and keep a constant flow of fresh ideas that enhance our products and services. Through mutual dedication and a focus on quality, Centauro continues to flourish.


Eduardo Saborío


Ana Lépiz

Sales Dir.

Catalina Calvo

Marketing Dir.

Fernando Segura

Development Dir.

Jimmy Gamboa

Project Dir.


Since 2014, our team has escaped the office to share new experiences, knowledge, brainstorm, and cultivate personal and professional relationships across multiple departments. The Centauro One has become a cornerstone for the company, transforming into a collaborative space where a team of innovative professionals worked together to develop cutting-edge software solutions.

Centauro is a product of my imagination: it’s what I dreamed a company where I would like to work would be.

Eduardo Saborío


Social Investment

World Vision
Internships and Professional Practices
Ruta Uno
World Vision

World Vision

Since January 2017, Centauro has been sponsoring 2 children in the Upala region. We believe that transforming the future is achieved through education for children, which is why we collaborate with this organization. World Vision assists children at social risk, focusing on their holistic growth and development, fostering love, play, and learning.
Internships and Professional Practices

Internships and Professional Practices

Centauro is committed to creating workspaces for young professionals who are just entering the job market. This provides an opportunity for recent graduates who face many limitations when trying to find work without prior experience. However, it has also become a significant advantage for Centauro’s products, as we maintain a constant flow of new, fresh, and updated ideas that are reflected in our proposals.
Ruta Uno

Ruta Uno

“RutaUno” was a free app that was part of the measures the government implemented to mitigate the impact of the construction of the new bridge on the General Cañas Highway during 2017. This app worked on any Android or iOS smartphone. It provided road status updates, train schedules to and from San José and Alajuela, bus service schedules to and from San José and Alajuela, as well as information and locations of temporary parking areas. Centauro Solutions, along with LATAM Tech Innovations, contributed their resources and expertise to develop this application and assist the country during such a critical time


Votemos CR

As part of our commitment to the country and social responsibility, we donated our work to the State of the Nation program. We developed the website This site serves as a civic information tool for citizens and was launched during the 2018 electoral period


To create business solutions in various technologies, ensuring software quality and adapting to customer needs.


To be a model company in software solutions, utilizing international standards that guarantee quality and innovation.


We believe in mutual growth. Our team-oriented culture provides fertile ground for new skills and knowledge to bloom.